Malaysia in Borneo

MalaysianKidsI traveled around Sabah in 2011, which is one of the 13 member states of Malaysia, and is its easternmost state. It is located on the northern portion of the island of Borneo. It is the second largest state in the country after Sarawak, which it borders on its southwest. It also shares a border with Indonesia in the south. The capital of Sabah is Kota Kinabalu.

Malasia_Restaurant_EnglishThere is a nice view over Kota Kinabalu at The English Tea House and Restaurant.

HappyNewYearDragon dancers celebrating a happy new year in Kota Kinabalu.

Forbidden-FruitsForbidden fruits in my hotel at Kota Kinabalu, because of bad smell.

HeadscarfsColorThe headscarf are in many colors unlike those I saw in the United Arab Emirates, which were all black. Malasia_Framsokn

I found this interesting because I am a member of the Progressive party in Iceland. JohnsonSyning_11

I went to the opening of the exception in Sandakan about: Safari in Sandakan – Martin & Osa Johnson´s Borneo adventure 1920, 1935-6. – They were from Kansas in the US.

JohnsonSyning_1Gests at the opening Johnson_Syning


“It was a rare team they made, this partnership between these two handsome young people from Kansas. Indeed, in the annals of travel and exploration, they were unique. They shared each other´s thoughts, experience, hardship, dangers. And I don´t know any couple that had so much and such continuous fun together” – Lowell Thomas, The Story of Martin Johnson, Natural History, March 1937.

Malasia_SkolaHeimFishingboat-in-KKFishing vessel in Kota Kinibalu Malasia_Ice

Ice for fishing vessels in Kudat, which was before an important port in the trade between China and Europe.

Malasia_FiskimarkadurMalasia_FiskvinnslaMalasia_FiskhreinsunMalasia_FiskurMalasia_DryFishSomethinInterestingSomething interesting

MalasiaTrehusRungus-style longhouse.

Malasia_KonaVefa Inside a Rungus-style longhouse. MalaysianGirlSmile

Big smile in Lahad Datu. WP_KristjanRegnskogur

Deep in the oldest rainforest in the world, around 130 million years old compared to the 60 million years old Amazon rainforest. It’s also one of the worlds most complex ecosystems with creatures I have never seen before. I am in Danum Valley, which was named after a headhunter who disappeared here. Maleysia_Kista

Old coffin in Danum Valley. My guide told me that a Sun bear (Helarctos malayanus) had probably broken the coffin to get food. It´s one of the few dangerous animals there and we saw tracks after one of them when we climbed a mountain.

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  1. Gaman að þessu, Kristján og síðunni þinni. Þessi færsla minnir mig á ferð sem ég fór til Sarawak árið 1998 eða 1999, var í Kuching og fór um Sarawak í nokkra daga, sá t.d. svipað Longhouse og regnskóginn. Sumar myndir minna mig líka á Terengganu-hérað í Malasíu sem ég sótti heim í sömu ferð og gekk um regnskóg og skoðaði líka fiskihöfn og fiskimarkað sem minnir mig á þennan.

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